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Vista’s still brand-spanking new, but there are already some things you can do to make it perform better


Generate Problem Reports and Look for Solutions

Vista keeps a meticulous record of every error that’s ever caused a program to stop working or presented a compatibility problem, but even better, you can make Windows check for solutions and save yourself a recurring headache.  You’ll find the Problem Reports and Solutions Wizard under System and Maintenance in the Control Panel.  In the left-hand pane under Tasks, click “See problems to check” to bring up a list of applications; put a check mark next to any or all of them and click “Check for solutions”.


Access Advanced Options with Tweak VI

Optimize nearly every nook and cranny in Windows Vista through an intuitive GUI by installing TweakVI.  Tweaks run the gamut from the strictly visual to performance boosts – and include everything in between.  Setting up a PC for kids?  Configure Tweak VI to hide a bevy of configuration options to prevent them from accidentally mucking up a system, and then password protect TweakVI to keep curious fingers from undoing changes.

EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

Open Quick Launch Programs with the Windows Key

Using the Windows key in combination with the numbers 0 through 9 will open up the corresponding sequential programs in the Quick Launch toolbar.  Make sure the Quick Launch toolbar is visible ( if not, right-click the taskbar and select Quick Launch from the Toolbars menu) and then rearrange the first 10 programs however you see fit.

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