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Resize Windows to Specific Dimensions

Sizer displays the dimensions of any open window while resizing, making it an invaluable tool for web developers and anyone interested in grabbing screen captures.  Manually resize a window to any resolution, or right-click and select a preset dimension, including any custom dimensions you create.


Move Off-Screen Windows Back into View

It’s a shame that SLI and CrossFire still don’t support gaming on multimonitor setups, and to add insult to injury, there’s always at least one open window that gets stuck out of view when in single-monitor mode.  You might be tempted to reboot or even uninstall/reinstall the offending application, but you needn’t resort to such drastic measures.  Instead, right-click the application in the taskbar, select Move, and then use your arrow keys to bring the window back into view.

Build a Button (or Two)

Put your Restart and Shut Down buttons in plain sight – because you can

Forget about mucking around in the Start menu and instead create desktop shortcuts for shutting down and restarting your system.  Right-click your desktop and select New>Shortcut.  In the pop-up window, type shutdown – s-t 00 to create a shutdown shortcut and shutdown –r –t 00 to create one for restarting.  Give your new shortcuts custom icons ( see page 24) and then drag them to the Quick Launch bar for even easier access.


Change the Logon Background

Just like our clothes, our PCs are an extension of us, and we should dress them accordingly.  Logon Studio helps in this endeavor.  The program lets you choose from a wardrobe of more than 500 logon backgrounds. Can’t find a style to suit your tastes?  Make your own background from scratch or edit an existing background.

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