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Minimize Windows and Drag Files with Ease

Ever grab a file on your desktop only to realize the destination folder’s sitting behind an open window?  To get around this, drag the file to an empty space in the taskbar and all open windows will minimize, allowing you to move the file wherever you want.  Using this method, you can hover files over minimized windows to restore them.


Monitor CPU and RAM Usage

We can already keep tabs on our CPU and RAM through the Task Manager, but there’s a better way.  CPUMon displays the same information but ups the ane with an adjustable, unobtrusive transparent graph, CPU-speed monitoring, statistics that include the average CPU and memory usage, and a handful of other options.


Enhance the Clipboard with Ditto

Download Ditto and take Windows’s clipboard to new heights.  Ditto retains up to 500 copied entries, including images, and stores the information on your hard drive, so you won’t be thwarted by a power outage or system reboot.  Stay productive by exporting saved entries and transferring them to another computer, paste HTML as pain text, perform keyword searches, and apply hotkey shortcuts to the first 10 items.


Remove the OS Logo and Improve Boot Times

Until instant-on technology makes a breakthrough in home computing, we’re left to our own devices to reduce system boot times.  One surefire way to save a few seconds is by disabling the boot logo.  Open the Start menu, select Run, and type msconfig.  Under the Boot.initab, check the /NoGuiBoot box and apply the change.

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