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Computer Repair Services for Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and Westlake Village by TOPCR.com.  Whatever ails your PC is no match for the certified, veteran technicians here at Thousand Oaks PC Repair.com.  We have serviced thousands of computer systems over the years and I dare say, we've seen it all.

It's can be extremely frustrating when your computer crashes or when it won't let you finish your work.  We know--we've been there.  How long can you go without access to your email?  If you're anything like us--not long at all.  Nowadays, when the PC is down--we're down, ugh!

Fear not.  We can respond fast to your technology emergency and get your rolling again.  We are all veteran computer experts here at Thousand Oaks PC Repair.com.  We have the systems, the tools, the know-how and the gumption to solve your computer problems and get you back to work, or play, fast!

How would like to have a veteran computer expert at your beck and call?  A real senior-level engineer at your disposal?  Well, now you have it with Thousand Oaks PC Repair.com.  Our technicians carry some of the most advanced certificates attainable in the Information Technology industry.  And they are ready to serve you.

Call one of our friendly consultants now for more information at: 805 277-9140.


Computer Repair and Support by TOPCR.com

We have many support options for your computing needs.  These options include: email, phone, remote support and on-site support services for your home or business.

If you have a question or need tutoring from one of our technology gurus you might choose to use our remote desktop support solution.  This amazing technology, with your permission, allows our consultants to see your Windows Desktop on our screens.  We can troubleshoot, support and train right from our offices.  And its less expensive than an on-site visit.  Not every problem can be remedied with this technology--some problems simply require and on-site visit to solve.

And, of course, there is always the tried-and-true methods of phone and email support.  This is the most cost-effective means of getting support.  Keep in mind that they also take the longest.

New Computer SalesThousand Oaks Computer Sales

If you are looking to upgrade to something a lot faster than "old-reliable" then please consider your making your next computer system purchase from Computer Repair Thousand Oaks.  We build only high-end systems that are perfect tools for the artist, the digital photographer and the gamer.

Though not the least expensive computers they are certainly among the best available.  Our system builders live for technology and happily do all the homework for you.  We research the latest and greatest in components providing you with a dependable, blazing-fast computer system that you with love for years to come.

Call us for more information on our powerful desktops at: 805 277-9140.
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