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Eliminate Lag and Speed-Up the Start Menu

A fully loaded rig pays dividends in everything from productivity apps to games, but no matter how fast your machine is, the Start menu still lags.  To give the Start menu a much needed speed boost, click Start, select Run, and type regedit.  Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Pane\Desktop, double-click MenuShowDelay in the right-hand pane, and change the value from 400 to 5.  Reboost and watch your Start menu fly!

Apply One Folder's View to All Folders

XP allows you to view folders five different ways – thumbnails, tiles, icons, list, details – but what you select for one folder doesn’t apply to all of them.  Sure, you can configure each folder individually, but that takes far too long.  To apply the same view universally, Go to My Documents, click Tools, then Folder Options, then select the View tab, and click Apply to All Folders.

Upgrade to Notepad++

Jotting down notes with Notepad is only slightly more advanced than chiseling in stone, but we still find ourselves using the rudimentary editor for scrawling quick grocery lists and composing HTML code. With Notepad++, we can do both at the same time! A tabbed interface is just one of the many features included, along with and almost endless array of coding options, drag and drop documents, multi-view features, and much more.

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