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Brand Your PC with a Custom Logo

OEM vendors often dress up the system Properties screen with a custom logo and support information, giving prebuilt PCs an air of professionalism.  Well guess what?  You can add the same personal touch to your own machine in just a few easy steps.

   Open up any photo-editing program and create a 180x114-pixel image.  Save the image as a bitmap and name it oemlogo.bmp, then place it in C:\Windows\System32.  Next, create a Notepad file in the same folder and save it as oemminfo.ini.  OEM resellers use this file to enter customer-support information, but you can write whatever you wish as long as you use the following format:

[ General]

Manufacturer = Thousand Oaks PC Repair

Model= Matrix

[Support Information]

Line1 = For even more great tips visit

Line2 =

If you need more space, just create a new line.

Give Your Hard Drive a New Icon

Grab IconsExtract to extract existing icons from your system.  When you find one you like, save it to the root of the drive you want to change (for example, C:\Cool_Icon.ico).  Next, create a new file with Notepad and edit line one to read [autorun] and on line two write icon=Cool_Icon.ico.  Save and name the file autorun.ini and reboot.

Alter the Scroll Bar's Dimensions

A wider scroll bar can make navigation an easier affair on a touch-screen panel, and power users can benefit from the additional real estate afforded by narrowing the scroll bar.  Whatever your objective, open Display Properties in the Control Panel, click the Appearance tab, click Advanced, select Scrollbar from the items menu, and go hog wild!

Install Google Desktop, then Hack It!

Google Desktop pounces all over Window’s built-in search, but to truly kick your search groove into high gear, you need to tweak a couple of settings.  Under the Options menu, make sure HTTPS is unchecked to prevent Google from indexing sensitive information.  Then click “Add drive or folder to search” and add any networked PCs so you can search for files across your network without ever leaving your chair.  Finally, install the TweakGDS plugin, which will let you designate a different folder or hard drive to store Google’s indexing information.

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